We at Mechant London, strive to subtly and elegantly implement urban street culture from all around the globe, starting with the core foundation of our brand located in the heart of Palestine. As an ethnic minority, I have always been searching for good quality ethnic clothes with a urban twist, but it has only ever led to dead ends. So I decided to take the initiative and create my own brand doing just that. At Mechant London, we provide the finest quality clothing in every collection, whilst including collections that pay homage to a variety of ethnic roots. We do not simply include these cultures, but we also try to help as much as we can by donating 10% of all our profits to projects in need of urgent aid. Visit our Charity page for more info! I hope my brand can help younger and older generations alike, to find the urban clothing that celebrates the true depth and variety of our cultural backgrounds. Join our mission to appreciate all cultures as one #wearemechant